Turning an old boardroom into a multipurpose space that could work as a meeting room and also as showroom, a challenge Cruzcampo presenting their distributor in El Puerto de Santa María “Global Beverages”… and the truth is that the result is spectacular!

After studying and approaching through 3D images, we presented the proposal that was finally produced. We joined two rooms that were initially separated to have an open space where we placed the necessary machinery (beer kegs, refrigerators, coffee machine and coffee cabinet) to be the showroom…  and in the other part of the room, a unique vertical garden of 2×3 meters., we placed high and low tables as well as chairs and stools that allow the customer to adapt them according to their needs. We wanted the customer to have the feeling of entering a bar using material as wood, warm colors and the black color to get a clear contrast… and on top warm lighting using vintage lamps.

The result, which you can see in the accompanying photographs, has been so satisfying that we will use the same environments in other sites of the group.